The Longacres ~ Elias turns one!

I am blessed to call this sweet family some of our dearest friends. I have watched Christian and Michelles love story unfold for the past several years and it has been sweetly beautiful. Not only are they a perfect match for one another, they have been blessed with their wonderful, handsome little Elias. He truly holds their hearts and it is evident in every sweet little giggle and snuggle they share together. Elias is now one year old and is growing into such a fun loving and sweetheart of a little boy. 

We headed out to the North Carolina Arboretum on a lovely warm Sunday evening and the glow of the fading sun was still peeking over the mountains. I was reminded of how much beauty there is to behold even in these last days of winter, with the budding daffodils promising the soon arrival of spring and the warm air that swiftly moves through the bare branches. We walked and talked and laughed together and we had such a lovely time exploring the grounds. 

I am thankful that this amazing family is in my life and I believe these pictures say it all. Their love and laughter is beautiful and I am so honored they asked me to capture this chapter of their story.