Kai's 1st Birthday ~ Cake Smash Session

Turning a year old is a very big deal and it's deserves a yummy and messy celebration of course! As his adopted Aunt Niquey, I have watched this adorable and happy little guy grow into such a sweetheart. When his mommy and I first talked about doing some 1st birthday pictures for him, she immediately said she wanted to do a cake smash session, and boy was I so excited about it! Is there anything better than watching an adorable baby make a huge sugary mess? I think not!

Kai was unexpectedly very timid about it at first and it was so sweet to watch him try and decide what to do with the delicious little cupcake sitting in front of him. He wasn't sure if he was allowed to touch it at first, and it was as though he wanted to savor every sweet little morsel of the tempting little cupcake after getting that first bite. 

Kai was all smiles during the entire session and his wonderful little grin could capture any heart! I can't wait to continue watching him grow. I just love this little man!