North Carolina Elopement Photographer

A Max Patch Elopement

This sweet couple chose to have a full day elopement that encompassed two different states!! We started out the first part of our day at Stay Minty (a glamping campground with amazing domes) where the couple was able to get ready together and say their vows next to a small stream on the property!

Next we headed about an hour away over to Max Patch in North Carolina where we were able to capture some EPIC portraits around sunset and twilight in the peak of the Fall season! The color were absolutely SPECTACULAR!

The perfect backdrop for this dream destination elopement!

What I love about Max Patch!

One of the most alluring aspects of Max Patch is its incredible views. You’ll be surrounded by 360-degree vistas that take your breath away and make you feel like you’re on top of the world. The Appalachian Trail winds around the area, while numerous other trails provide plenty of opportunities to explore before or after your ceremony.

Elopement Invitation flat lay suite

Eloping at Max Patch is truly an experience that you never forget!

Whether you decide to have a small gathering or just keep it between yourselves. It’s easy to get lost in this stunning location that offers breathtaking views, lush greenery, and fresh air that will make your special day even more magical than ever before. And when it comes time for photos to capture the memory forever? Well, let’s just say you won’t be disappointed! 

 Eloping at Max Patch in North Carolina is perfect for couples who want their wedding day to be as special and unique as their love story. Its spectacular views provide a breathtaking backdrop while simultaneously providing an opportunity to connect with nature. With its EPIC landscape and unparalleled beauty, eloping here creates an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever — making it one of the best spots for couples who want something different from their wedding day!

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