If you’ve ever been to a wedding, then you know that the moment when the bride and groom first see each other—the “first look”—is one of the most magical parts of the day!

But did you know that there are actually more benefits to taking a first look than just creating a romantic moment? Let’s talk about why taking a first look before your wedding could be beneficial to you!

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Create More Time for Photos

One of the primary reasons why couples choose to take a first look before their wedding is because it allows them to have more time for photos. When couples wait until the ceremony to do their “first look,” they often don’t have enough time afterwards for portraits. This can lead to rushed family photos and hurried shots with friends, which can be stressful and leave couples feeling unsatisfied with their photos. By opting for a pre-ceremony first look, however, couples can enjoy more relaxed portrait sessions and get the full range of photos they desire.

Reduce Stress on Your Big Day

Taking a first look before your wedding can also help reduce stress on your big day. It gives you an opportunity to have some private time together before all eyes are on you during the ceremony and reception. Plus, because you already shared your intimate moment privately before walking down the aisle in front of everyone else, it may put both of your minds at ease so that you can enjoy every minute of your special day in peace and relaxation.

Capture Intimate Moments on Camera

Taking a first look before your wedding gives your photographers an opportunity to capture some truly stunning shots that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. From romantic embraces to candid moments between family members or bridal party members witnessing such an intimate moment—these are all meaningful moments that will make for beautiful photographs!

Less Pressure 

The nerves that come with a traditional walk down the aisle can be overwhelming, especially for introverted couples who don't like being in large groups or under public scrutiny. Setting aside some time prior to your ceremony allows you to spend quality time together without any pressure or expectations—just two people in love enjoying each other's company. It's an opportunity to take a few deep breaths, shake off the pre-wedding jitters, and just enjoy being with one another before all the festivities begin. Plus, couples will get photos of that moment that they can cherish forever! 

Time Alone 

Your wedding day can be incredibly hectic as family members and friends come by to wish you well and congratulate you on your union—which is wonderful! But if this isn't something that appeals to you, then having some alone time beforehand might be exactly what you need to center yourself and prepare for all the festivities ahead. Taking part in a first look allows couples some much needed privacy amid all the chaos of wedding planning, so they can focus on themselves and their relationship as they embark on their next chapter together as husband and wife. 

The decision whether or not to take a first look before your wedding is ultimately up to you as a couple; however if done correctly it can provide many amazing and unique benefits including additional time for photos, reduced stress on your big day, and capturing some truly intimate moments on camera! No matter what you decide at the end of the day remember that this is about celebrating love in whatever way makes sense for both of you!

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