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If you are looking for an intimate and unique elopement experience, then look no further than a bohemian elopement in Cape Cod! With stunning views and plenty of accommodation options, Cape Cod is the perfect place to escape and tie the knot with your special someone. Here’s why a bohemian elopement in Cape Cod should be your top pick for your special day!

The Location

Cape Cod is a picturesque area located on the eastern edge of Massachusetts. Its breathtaking coastline makes it the ideal location for romantic weddings and elopements. The area features a variety of beachside venues that provide stunning ocean views or you can go inland to explore its charming towns and villages. You can also take advantage of its numerous parks, lakes, and other public spaces to create the perfect backdrop for your ceremony. No matter what kind of venue you choose, you’ll be sure to find one that will make your special day unforgettable.

The Style

A bohemian wedding or elopement has become increasingly popular because it allows couples to express their personalities and have fun with their wedding style. When planning a bohemian elopement in Cape Cod, think about incorporating elements like wildflowers, feathers, dreamcatchers, lanterns, crystals, etc. These elements will add an ethereal feel to your ceremony space as well as create an intimate atmosphere where you and your partner can exchange vows without any distractions.

The Accommodations

Cape Cod offers plenty of accommodation options for couples who are planning their elopements. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cottage by the beach or a luxurious hotel suite overlooking the harbor – there’s something here that will suit all tastes and budgets. Additionally, many hotels offer package deals which include catering services so that you don’t have to worry about finding food options near your venue after saying “I do!”

A bohemian elopement in Cape Cod is truly something special! From its stunning location to its unique style options – this destination has everything needed to make your small wedding or elopement magical. So if you are looking for an intimate setting where you can exchange vows with just the two of you present – then consider planning a bohemian elopement in Cape Cod! You won't regret it!

Retreat: Elope East Coast 

Retreat Host: Kasey Jo Winder

Vendor Coordinator: Blissfully Disconnected 

Florist: Ninety Two Design Co

Rentals: Refined Rentals Llc

Hair: My Big Hair Day

Makeup: Glamour Cosmetics

Cake: Craw Mommas Cakes

Tuxedo: Friar Tux

Bridal Gown: Jjp Dress Rentals 

Venue: Autocamp

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