What does that include and why in the world you would want one?!

North Carolina Elopement Photographer

Elopements has come a long way in the last few years and it's been exciting to see couples really creating a full wedding day that means something to them! The elopement perception has always been that a couple get about an hour or two to say their "I Dos" and then grab some portraits and call it a day.

Well, I'm stoked to tell you that there is so much more you can include in your beautiful epic day!

So what is an "all day" or "full day" elopement you ask???

If you sat down and dreamt up the best day of your life with your lover, what would it look like? Full Day elopements consists of an 8 hour (or more) full day experience that can include activities, a vow exchange, getting ready, details and portraits. It's a full day of coverage that tells your story. I mean, let's face it, most couples planning a traditional wedding have a full wedding day covered rom start to finish! The whole story of their day is captured...so...why shouldn't you have the same?!

scotland elopement on the isle of Skye

Why Should You Do a Full Day Elopement?

Let me paint a picture for you!

Full Day Elopements Allow You To Experience More And Enjoy The Full Day!

Want to wake up together and cook breakfast and enjoy a hot tub first? Maybe you'd like to take a Jeep and take a ride through a National Park to a mountaintop peak and have a picnic while you overlook the world together! Or how bout a First Look, vows and a helicopter ride in different locations? We can do that with the time given in a full day elopement!

You Get WAY more VALUE for the price!

Yes, the price for an all day elopement is obviously higher than a half day, but the cost per hour will be less! These full day packages come with more planning, more hours of coverage, and I really take the time to craft the perfect day for you, resulting in more value for your buck!

The Photo Ops!

Imagine epic sunrise images with the Alpineglow behind you, a mid morning hike or breakfast on a beach, and a mid afternoon stop at a brewery for some celebratory drinks! Then we top it off with a dinner with your private chef in your air bnb! The photo ops are endless cause you'll have more time to do more!

You really get to bask in and enjoy every moment of your day!

Your elopement day is to just a quick vow exchange, it's your wedding day!

You are devoting yourselves to each other and that day deserves full documentation so you can remember and savor every special moment of it!

a beach elopement on the coast of Cape Cod

Ok this sounds cool, but what do we do for a full day???

Every elopement and couple is different! This day is custom designed for each couple and includes the things they love and places that they adore. Typically I start with my couples at their AirBnbs and start with some getting ready images along with some detail shots. The First Look happens here and then we'll head off on our adventure and from here it varies with each couple!

Most of the time we'll head to the ceremony location. capture the vows, pop some champagne, cut some cake and maybe even have a first dance. Other ideas include a hot air balloon ride, a helicopter tour, going to a concert...the possibilities are ENDLESS!

And we typically end the day watching the sunset around a glowy campfire, feasting off a charcuterie board and overlooking the gorgeous view!

But We Don't Love Being In Front Of A Camera For That Long...

I got you!

Each moment of the day will be captured, but I always stand back and allow you to take in every meaningful moment for a few minutes. I want you to have the photos to remember the moments, and it's all about you savoring each part of your adventure!

And the great thing is...this isn't a 10 hour photoshoot lol!

This is me capturing you while you have fun and enjoy your day!

Umm...YES! A Full Day Elopement Sounds Like The Way To Go! What Do We Do Now?

This is where I come in!

I'll help you craft a day that reflects you as a couple and allows you to do the things you dream of doing together in a location that means something to you! Curating stellar elopements is what I'm passionate about and I'll be here to walk you through every step of the process! We'll talk logistics, timeline planning, location scouting and together we'll execute the dreamiest day of your lives!

a fireside elopement in Bar Harbor Maine

I want to know more!